View your WordPress Development Sites Faster

Published on January 23rd, 2019

We know that editing your hosts file can be painful, and even more painful asking your clients to do it, so we have made this much easier with a new feature inside STORM. If STORM detects your website is WordPress and the DNS on the website is not yet live you have the option to enable WordPress Preview. WordPress Preview is a toggle on the website dashboard that takes just a few seconds to enable.

Once enabled WordPress Preview will add a temporary domain to your STORM website and update the address inside WordPress to this temporary domain. STORM will automatically enable prevent robots to deter Google and search engines from indexing your development website.

When WordPress Preview is disabled STORM will remove the temporary domain, inside WordPress change the domain back to what it was before and disable Prevent Robots.

Please do let us know your feedback. We want to hear both the positive and negatives.

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